Melanie Gauthier


Mike Krompass was in for the week with the talented Melanie Gauthier, Jay Deachman came in and added drums. 


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Monthly Review: Highlights

As always, It is the visionary artists that bring the studio to life with their talent and creativity. Thank you for another 30 days of excitement!

2 combos

Devin Townsend Project tracking guitars

The Vogville Presents crew

Sarah Macdougall mixing her latest album with producer Caleb Stull

Paul Shepherd aka Shep, mixing My Mother The Carjacker’s latest album

Our Vintech Audio pre-amplifier rack makes its triumphant return from repairs!

Studio Owner Jonathan Fluevog engineering for Eddie Black

Bass tracking session for Eddie Black

Sons of Granville recording and mixing their entire album at Vogville with producer Justin Brown

5 Days in May: DTP Recording Guitars

Devin Townsend Project began recording the rhythm guitar tracks for their upcoming double album at Vogville, with 5 days to complete 22 songs of virtuosic intensity. Dave dialled in a great tone on his amps while the engineers placed the mics, then moved into the control room to setup his pedal board. Four microphones were used, two on each cab.

boogie comboThe JDX on top of the second amplifier was used to record its direct output. All 4 microphones were bussed together using the SSL console’s tape monitor inputs. A couple of songs into the session, one of the microphones was eliminated from contention. Fortunately, the other 3 provided a well-rounded capture of Dave’s powerful tone.

SSL bussing

Boosting 100Hz and 5kHz brought out some of the intricate details in the guitar playing. The knobs didn’t move once they were dialled in. There is just something about the API EQ.

API pres


Vogville Presents Conversations, with guest Chad Brownlee


Vogville Presents Conversations, with guest Chad Brownlee

For official updates regarding the series and its artists, please visit

In Studio: Cupla


The five-piece Vancouver band Cupla entered Vogville to record bass tracks for their upcoming album, with the help of producer Jonathan Fluevog and engineer Corey Mann.

photo 2

Bassist: Kevin Hall

photo 1

Producer: Jonathan Fluevog

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My Mother The Carjacker: Mix Day

My Mother The Carjacker are mixing their upcoming album with producer Paul Shepherd, better known as Shep.

Photo 2014-04-26, 10 57 50 AM

The band opts to mix the song with the most layers first, establishing a foundation that will transfer well to the other mixes. A little multi-band compression on the master bus doesn’t hurt.

Photo 2014-04-26, 2 16 04 PM

With the first song in the can, each mix gets progressively simpler. On the third song, Shep compares his unfinished mix to that of “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana, using the A/B method, thanks to the console’s built-in external source feed. After a quick contemplation, he goes back to his mix for a few more tweaks, and then prints it.

Photo 2014-04-26, 2 14 53 PM

The power trio anticipates a summer release, but in the meantime they offer their current album for free download.



Chad Brownlee’s stripped-down performance

10152628_448139341983197_1153310438_nEarlier this month, the Canadian country superstar delivered a spell-binding acoustic show, for the upcoming episode of Vogville Presents. He also sat down with Brian Thompson to share some of his hard-earned insights on the music industry. Keep an ear out for Chad’s stirring rendition of his album’s title track, “Love Me or Leave Me”.

Chad drops a few gems for independent artists trying to make it to the next level. Having walked the road, his words carry a lot of weight.

The 2nd episode of Vogville Presents will hit the airwaves in May. The first episode featured Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother, and has been airing this month on Shaw TV and Novus.


(Dialogue Engineer: Corey Mann; Music Engineer: Justin Brown; Chad Brownlee; Interviewer: Brian Thompson; Producer: Jonathan Fluevog; Make-up Artist: Brittaney Brusatore)

Thanks again to the crew for their work behind-the-scenes to make this show possible. We can’t wait to share this episode with you, plus many more to come!

Check out the Vogville Presents website for the official announcements

Sarah Macdougall mixing latest album

Click to check out her official page

Click to check out her official page

WCMA Winner (2012 Roots Album Of The Year) Sarah Macdougall is mixing her latest album with producer/engineer Caleb Stull, and assistant engineer Justin Brown.

Sarah and Caleb

A little something special for the engi-‘nerds’: There is a PA in the live room. It is being sent various tracks (close drums, vocals, string sections) in order to capture the echo with microphones setup in the Vogville chamber. Done right, it really exceeds what digital plug-ins have to offer… Classy!

reamping setup


In merely 4 days, Sarah will leave the comforts of Vogville to unleash her latest masterpiece!

Day 1: Sarah automates the mix!

LOVECoast releases video from Vogville

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that LOVECoast recorded two songs at Vogville.

“Heartspeak” is the first video to be released from that session. 


Mother Mother stops by

This week, filming began for Vogville Presents…Conversations. Hosted by a music industry insider and entertainment career coach who has worn too many hats to mention, the show will bring select artists to Vogville for exclusive unplugged performances and discussions “on passion and creativity, pursuing your dreams, and living your purpose”.


Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother broke the ice with for the show’s inaugurationHe spoke with Brian about life in the music business, then with only his voice and his acoustic guitar, gave a performance that is sure to captivate any audience.

JB JF and Ryan

Engineer Justin Brown monitors the mix as producer Jonathan Fluevog captures Ryan’s performance.

Vogville Presents is a platform to bring a unique perspective on the life and work of passionate people. After such a successful session, there lingers an excitement to invite all the guests for upcoming episodes.

Engineers Corey Mann and Justin Brown, producer Jonathan Fluevog, host Brian Thompson, and Ryan.

Engineers Corey Mann and Justin Brown, producer Jonathan Fluevog, host Brian Thompson, and Ryan.

Follow Brian at for updates and insights from behind the scenes, and benefit from his experience in the entertainment business.


Stay tuned for the first episode of Vogville Presents… Conversations , coming soon!