The Studio


Vogville Recording is a multi-faceted recording studio, owned by Jonathan Fluevog, that caters to the unique needs of producers, engineers, and artists while empowering them to push their creative boundaries.

The impressive array of cutting-edge audio tools inside the studio is hand-picked to meet the current industry demands and lend themselves to any style of music. Vogville’s control room is surrounded with elements built by industry leaders like API, Avalon, Amek, Rupert Neve, Tubetech, and Universal Audio – all revolving around an Avid Pro Tools HD3 system and an SSL E/G 4000 series console, one of the most reputable audio mixers in the industry.

Among recording studios, Vogville carries essential sonic qualities that set it apart. The control room is designed to minimize unwanted reflections and create the truest possible monitoring, allowing projects to “translate” to other listening environments as intended. The main recording room features reversible panels for creating a ‘dead’ or a ‘live’ space depending on project needs, while a doorway connects it to “The Church” – a large chamber that holds a natural reverb created by the surface reflections off the clean walls.

The relaxed vibe and colourful decor – complete with a spacious couch and full kitchen – add to Vogville’s appeal and allow each and every visitor to the studio to feel comfortable, creative, and confident about turning their musical ambitions into harmonious realities.

Praise for Vogville Recording

“I’d highly recommend using Vogville. Jonathan and the place rocks!” – Mike Fraser

“This is a great studio.  The gear is well maintained, my clients love the vibey atmosphere, and the results are always good.” – Paul Shatto

“Great room, great gear. I am always pleased with the quality of work I can achieve at Vogville. Thanks Jonathan!” – Paul Forgues

“Jonathan is a rare and positive individual in the entertainment industry in that you never have to guess where he’s coming from. Honesty and integrity are in high order when dealing and communicating with Jonathan. He is creative in everything he is involved with, both in music production and in business. Jonathan is someone I would highly recommend to any serious artist who wants to move to the next level.” – Delwyn Brooks

“Finding out there’s an SSL studio five blocks from your house is like winning some kind of lottery for musicians! I’ve had great experiences at Vogville and look forward to many more.” – Jay Buettner

“Vogville offers a well-maintained room and gear at great prices! And a staff that knows what they’re doing.” – Joe Cruz

“Vogville is an awesome room! Jonathan’s SSL is of a special breed, fat and tight, with a personality all its own. Great live room that’s versatile to offer any sound you may want, with an excellent gear rack and mic collection to compliment it. Booking time is easy, and their policies are rock solid. Above all that I have a lot of respect for Jonathan both as a person and a producer, and appreciate having a working and personal relationship with him and his studio.” – Alex Aligizakis

“If you haven’t had the pleasure of working in this room yet, you REALLY should get on it!” – Joel Livesey

“Jonathan has an excellent recording studio and a strong sense of what it takes to make it run smoothly.” – Blair Calibaba

“Vogville has always been a top pick for SSL rooms in town. Awesome gear, nice room, great sounds and yet affordable for many up and coming artists.” – Brandon Cherrington

“Jonathan has a strong passion for his studio. The gear is excellent and everything works all the time! After finishing a session at the studio you will always find yourself thinking, ‘I can’t wait to be back at Vogville’.” – John Franco

“Vogville is one of my favorite studios in the greater Vancouver area and Jonathan rocks as an engineer too. Very well-maintained studio with all the best gear and in a comfortable environment. Don’t hesitate to use this studio for your project.” – Tony Marriott

“Jonathan runs an amazing studio with rates that can’t be beat. His studio provides top quality sound because of the equipment he has purchased and is constantly updating. Jonathan also hires the best engineers like Nels Breutigam so that the client has a pleasant recording experience.” – Todd Fancey (The New Pornographers)

“I had always been intimidated by the idea of recording in a professional studio. But as soon as I stepped into Vogville, I was immediately at ease. There is a vibe present that just immediately enhances your music, and Nels and Josh were skilled, helpful and fun (a combination I didn’t know existed). Vogville is now my go-to studio for any recording needs.” – Patrick Warwick (The Stone Travelers)