The Owner

“Since 1998, the sounds and sights inside Vogville have come to represent everything that I value most about the ways that music can bring people together.

Whether you are an emerging artist seeking professional guidance to reach the next career level or a seasoned producer requiring state-of-the-art equipment to complement your top level talent, it is my hope that you will enter the studio with excitement and inspiration and leave feeling content with your musical creations and eager to share them with the world. At the end of the day, Vogville belongs to all of us who are driven by the pure spirit of musical creation.

As we mark Vogville’s 15th year of operation, I am especially grateful to have been introduced to so many loyal and diverse talents that know no creative or musical borders. Your music is my inspiration and your hunger for success and sustainability as a professional musician epitomizes why I started Vogville in the first place – to give you the tools to harness your creativity and make an honest and lasting impact in the community that you love.

My promise to you is that my support in keeping your musical passion and dedication alive will be just as strong as the unwavering loyalty that you have shown to Vogville. Thank you and may we all continue to climb to new musical heights together.”

— Jonathan Fluevog, Owner, Vogville Recording